The Menzingers' co-vocalist Greg Barnett has a very distinct voice that makes you recognize the band's songs almost instantly, and if you're a fan, just hearing him talk can get you excited. In a new clip for Space Jam Sessions, the singer performs an acoustic cover of an old, Against Me! track which is dubbed "Untitled 2," and he absolutely makes it his own. You can watch the video below.

He introduces the song as a track he found years ago on the music download interface Kazaa. (Wow, do you remember that thing?! For what it's worth, we certainly enjoyed that throwback shoutout.) The clip was shot by photographer Ally Newbold and edited by Zac Suskevich.

The band is currently on tour with Chumped and Roger Harvey through the end of June before picking back up in August for another monthlong run. You can check out all of their currently scheduled tour dates and stay up-to-date with the band over at their official website.

Watch Greg Barnett Cover Against Me!'s "Untitled 2"