Today (Dec. 13), the Bob Dylan experiment known as the New Basement Tapes were featured prominently on the Saturday edition of ‘CBS This Morning.’ Featuring all of the New Basement Tapes members -- we’ve written at length about these guys, so if you don’t know them by now, catch up here -- the CBS special was quite enlightening about the process the band took to put music to long-lost Dylan lyrics.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that this interview took place after the album, ‘Lost On the River,’ was completed, meaning, the band had a different perspective than they did during the recording process. (That perspective was expertly captured in the Showtime documentary, ‘Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued.’)

But, that’s not to say the members aren’t still flabbergasted by what they accomplished -- and it seems like they’re happy with how it turned out. My Morning Jacket’s Jim James summed it up quite well by saying, “The pressure of wondering what Dylan is going to think … I think if you worried about that too much, it would turn it into a thing like you’re almost trying to please somebody.”

In addition to the interview, the New Basement Tapes performed two songs, ‘Duncan & Jimmy’ (which blew us away) and ‘Liberty Street.’ Check out both songs below:

The New Basement Tapes -- ‘Duncan & Jimmy’

The New Basement Tapes -- ‘Liberty Street’

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