Following a two-year hiatus, L.A.-based psych-rockers the Warlocks return on Nov. 26 with their eighth LP, ‘Skull Worship.’ Frontman and lone constant member Bobby Hecksher says the album isn’t clean cut by any stretch of the imagination -- nor should it be.

“There are loose parts, fragmented sections and then it rocks all together,” he said. “It’s not perfectly polished like a lot of records out there. More like an expression of moments in time that drip together like a strange dream.”

And their new video for the album’s lead track, ‘Dead Generation,’ is an equally strange dream. Just in time for Halloween, the Warlocks have pieced together a clip filled with clown zombies, nun zombies, zombies with dreads — pretty much any type of flesh-eating zombie you can think of.

Filmed during the Zombie Parade in Paris, the fan-made clip follows some very sinister-looking zombies. Then again, is there really any other way for zombies to look? See for yourself by pressing play on the clip above, and stream ‘Skull Worship’ while putting on your Halloween getup tomorrow.