Once upon a time, shows on television were nice and wholesome. Today's video is not from that time. Instead, it comes from the morally corrupt period in television that was the early '00s when eternal pre-teens Blink-182 played the protagonists in a Nick At Nite-style pastiche called "Leave it to Blink-182" on Mad TV.

As dad puffs on his pipe and mom offers plate after plate of meats and sugary snacks, Blink-182's opulent, hedonistic behaviors come to light. Their troubled parents confront them with allegations of partying with bikers, porn stars, naked little people and plenty of whiskey.

In the end, the boys learn a valuable lesson -- it's rude not to invite your parents to your crazy parties. Your parents like whiskey and porn stars, too. At least the parents of Blink-182 do. And their brother, Wally, learns a valuable lesson, too: tattle tells get no love. He shouldn't have ratted on his brothers.

Singer-bassist Mark Hoppus still parties – although according to this post on Instagram, the concept of "partying" seems to have changed a little since Blink-182's heyday.

And of course, today's post wouldn't be complete without a look back at the band's live show. Here's Blink-182 performing the song that brought them into the mainstream, "Dammit," featuring Hoppus tossing in a few lines from "Ice Ice Baby."

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