"Eeeeeeeeeewww!" doesn't seem like the best catchphrase. But Australian TV personality Dylan Lewis seems to pull it off. Kind of. Just like Dave Grohl pulls off short hair and sideburns. Which is to say, again: kind of.

But it was a different time -- the bygone era of 1999. Foo Fighters were really just coming into their own, having just released their third album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose, which was actually only their second album as a whole band.

Most die-hard Foo Fighters fans probably already know the story behind the band's name. But for those who don't, Grohl explains it in today's video, where he and two of his fellow Foos join the red-haired Lewis on the very, very short-lived Australian TV show, The 10:30 Slot.

In the video, they also do shots of sake while Grohl tries his best to field Lewis' questions, which often verge on asinine. Just for fun, count the number of times Grohl says "No" when Lewis tosses him a Nirvana question.

And just for kicks, here's a video of them performing a song on The 10:30 Slot -- "Breakout" from There Is Nothing Left To Lose. Aside from being released as a single from the album, it was featured in the Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself & Irene. It's a ripper:

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