The Black Keys have evolved from a modest yet kick-ass blues rock duo into a full-blown rock powerhouse. During their formative years, their songs and energetic live performances set them apart from other rock groups, despite what any other fellow former blues rock duo band leaders may think (looking at you, Jack White).

For today's video, we dug up a Black Keys performance from an Australian TV show, wherein the Keys offer up their tune "Set You Free," from their second album, 2003's Thickfreakness. It's a prime example of how much can be accomplished with just a guitar, drums and some heartfelt vocals.

This is possible, of course, when those three components are all individually bitchin'. It's only natural that when they come together, they sound as good as this.

Of course, the Black Keys would eventually add a full band to their roster -- a change that can be tricky to pull off without risking what made you great to begin with. But they did so with aplomb, producing increasingly amazing albums as they progressed. The success of their later, full-band albums showed that the core of the Black Keys' greatness isn't the band's lineup, but rather leader Dan Auerbach's songwriting talent.

Now, Auerbach's taking a (hopefully short) break from the Keys to do his own thing with new band the Arcs. Their debut album comes out tomorrow (Sept. 4). You can hear some of that project here.

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