Before 1992, few people knew about the rock band Helmet. But that was rectified when the band released its second album, 'Meantime,' and the single 'Unsung.' All of a sudden, this new form of alternative metal flooded MTV -- and music fans noticed.

Don't believe us? Check out the Throwback Thursday video above of their performance of 'Unsung' in 1994.

The songs on 'Meantime' were undeniably heavy, but the energy pushing the songs was different from what people had come to expect from metal. Paige Hamilton's deep, clear voice seemed tinged with snarkiness as opposed to anger. And every song set a perfect tempo for moshing.

If 'Meantime' set the template for Helmet's sound, then their follow-up album, 'Betty,' distorted that template, producing another fresh take on metal and noise rock. (The band just announced they'll be performing 'Betty' on tour in the U.S. in time for its twenty-fifth anniversary.)