Ah, those golden days before money, fame and drugs -- lots of drugs -- ruined everything. Today's throwback video features the Libertines' first TV performance of their bromance love song, 'Can't Stand Me Now,' on 'The Jonathan Ross Show.'

This performance perfectly showcases what made this band so great: tight, raw guitar hooks and the kind of saccharine sweetness that you can just tell belies a pretty gnarly reality. And who can deny the complete rock-starness of these guys? They look like they were born specifically to make a handful of legendary pop albums before dying in a puddle of someone's -- perhaps their own -- vomit.

Luckily, that didn't happen, and the Libertines are back together now. There's even a new album in the works; we wait with baited breath. Everyone say a little prayer for this band of unsettlingly skinny Brits, if you're into that. In the meantime, enjoy their 'Jonathan Ross' appearance in the video above.