We know one thing about the plan: It keeps coming up again. If the plan sounds like Built to Spill, though, we're fine with that. In today's throwback, we take a look at the time Built to Spill appeared on HBO's classic live music show, 'Reverb.' Check it out above.

The Boise, Idaho rock outfit has long been one of the hardest working group of artists, not only within the indie rock community, but perhaps in all of rock music -- and their appearance on 'Reverb' is a perfect display of their commitment.

After band leader Doug Martsch formed the group in 1992, he and his cohorts got right to work recording and touring. Since then, they've spent what some less adventurous people might consider an insane amount of time on the road supporting their albums.

Even though the band's last album, 'There Is No Enemy,' came out almost six years ago, Built to Spill still continue to play shows. The band just wrapped up a couple of shows in their home state, and they will take the stage during the massive event known as Coachella in April.

And in case you can't make it to see the band live, here's a video of them performing their version of the Neil Young epic, 'Cortez the Killer':