Tissot's 'You Touch, It Tells' commercial is one you'll want to play over and over. Not necessarily because of the ad itself, but because of the pulsating music, provided by electronic artist Caribou.

Caribou is one of many monikers for Ontario-born Dan Snaith, who has also recorded as Manitoba and Daphni. The Caribou track 'Odessa' lends instant credibility and cool factor to the watch company's commercial, which promotes the T-Touch Expert, its latest timepiece.

The images in the ad are spectacular, too, revealing aerial shots of skiers zooming down snowy hills in the Swiss alps and underwater shots of brave souls swimming with sharks. The natural scenery in the promo is gorgeous, though it's unclear exactly what that has to do with a wristwatch. The company even created an app with bonus commercial footage and features that allow people to use their phone as a Tissot watch.

'Odessa' is a track on the Caribou album 'Swim,' which won a Juno Award (the Canadian Grammy) for Electronic Album of the Year. Snaith's most recent effort is 'Jiaolong,' which he released as Daphni in October 2012.

Hear Caribou's 'Odessa' in the Tissot Commercial

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