It's not fun to be Amish -- or, at least that's certainly what it looks like from the previews for 'Breaking Bad,' the controversial new TLC that takes a handful of members of the Amish and Mennonite community and sets them free, so to speak. The five featured members leave their cloistered religious lifestyles and face the very real possibility of being shunned by their tight-knit communities for the experience of life New York City, with TLC's cameras rolling the entire time to capture all the craziness.

Once there, of course, the Amish try evil new things -- drinking, getting tattoos, going to strip clubs, even simply strolling through Times Square -- which, when you think about it, may be a bit of an overkill, considering a trip to the nearest mall would be a life-changing event for them.

"I've never actually stayed in a hotel," one young woman confesses in the commercial, following footage that shows another trying to figure out how to work an elevator. "What have we gotten ourselves into?" asks another woman later in the clip, pretty much summing up the basis of the show in one concise query.

The fun. tune 'Carry On,' off their breakthrough 'Some Nights' album, is featured prominently in commercials for 'Breaking Amish,' which premieres on Sunday, Sept. 9 on TLC. It's closer to background music in the clip below, but regardless, fun. is the perfect pick, considering all the fun these folks are bound to have in their new lives. If only their Amish friends back home could see what they're missing.

Hear fun.'s 'Carry On' in the TLC 'Breaking Amish' Commercial