When Laura Jane Grace came out as a transgender woman in 2012, the Against Me! lead singer and guitarist didn't only come out of her own closet but also opened up the conversation about transgenders. And now she will be taking it a step further with her own show, 'True Trans with Laura Jane Grace.'

The 10-episode series showcases Grace's life as a transgender, mother and punk rocker. In addition, she will also be talking to other transgender individuals around the U.S. about their own experiences about keeping their lives a secret, the struggles of coming out and how their lives are now.

"The opportunity I had while shooting this show was nothing short of tremendous," Grace said in a statement. "Getting the chance to listen to other people tell their stories of how life shaped their identities and views on gender couldn't help but further inform my own understanding of just how complicated and also how simple all of it really is."

Produced by AOL Studios, 'True Trans with Laura Jane Grace' will premiere Oct. 10, the day before National Coming Out Day. For more information on the series, visit on.aol.com.

Watch the trailer for 'True Trans with Laura Jane Grace'