Travis Barker says Blink-182’s new lineup -- the drummer, singer-bassist Mark Hoppus and Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba -- have compiled “the best material we’ve written in years” for the band's first album in five years.

As Alternative Press points out, Barker told KX 93.5 the updated Blink lineup originally wrote 16 songs for their forthcoming album but then decided to scrap all of their progress and start over at square one. Barker says the gamble is paying off.

“It’s honestly the best material we’ve written or put out in years,” Barker said. “I haven’t been excited about a Blink album like this in a long time.”

Barker also noted the band is approaching the finish line for their seventh album, saying it’s “70 to 80 percent” complete. When it arrives, the LP will follow Blink's 2011 full-length Neighborhoods. Listen to Barker’s entire interview below:

Skiba was recruited to replace Tom DeLonge for a handful of shows at the beginning of last year after Hoppus and Barker claimed their former guitarist repeatedly stalled recording sessions for their next album. A public back-and-forth of pot shots then ensued between the estranged bandmates.

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