The latest from the drama over at the Blink-182 camp revolves around a recent interview that drummer Travis Barker had with Alternative Nation, where he once again had nothing positive to say about "former" bandmate Tom DeLonge -- and praised his current replacement, Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba.

After a recent falling out, two-thirds of the pop-punk trio, Barker and Mark Hoppus, did away with guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge after they claimed he showed no sense of urgency to get back into the studio with them or to rehearse for their upcoming Musink festival performance (where Skiba will now fill in). DeLonge then went on to claim that he never quit the band, and in fact, the band almost dropped Barker awhile back.

In regards to DeLonge, Barker said, "As far as I’m concerned, no bad blood from me. I wish him the best in everything he does. I think the right thing for him to do would just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn’t quit and just be real with the fans ... I think for Tom, he doesn’t like punk music and it was a phase for him."

He also had nothing but good things to say about Skiba: "We are two weeks in to practice and he’s killing it. There’s harmonies that have never been sung. He’s actually playing the guitar instead of just Pro Tools."

DeLonge is planning on releasing a set of personal demos and such, some of which might have possibly been Blink-182 songs, on April 21. You can watch the trailer for Demos, Odds and Ends below:

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