Media coach extraordinaire Janessa Slater is back with a new episode of her web series, Sound Advice, and the latest installment features Jenny Lewis.

While The Voyager singer was trying to steer the conversation toward her music, Janessa, portrayed by Vanessa Bayer of Saturday Night Live fame, asks her the most random of questions, like whether or not she's caught up with "the gals" from Troop Beverly Hills. Lewis keeps her cool and gets Janessa to focus on the interview's main topic -- music.

"There was a six-year span between when you released your last solo album, Acid Tongue, and your more recent one, The Voyager. What were you doing in that time besides shopping at thrift stores for vintage dresses," Janessa asks.

Lewis responds, "Well, you have heard that weed is practically legal in California, right?"

Seeing the ridiculousness of the conversation, Lewis continues on the weed talk and tries to probe Janessa about her favorite type, hinting that the woman she's being interviewed by might just be as high as a kite during the interview. Things don't get any better for Lewis (but pretty entertaining for the rest of us) when the host explains why she likes "Just One of the Guys" but proves she doesn't actually know what the song is about.

"Well, it's more about being a woman in a man's world," Lewis clarifies, "and men who opt to date women a lot younger than us." Instead of putting Janessa in her place, it makes her emotional and turns the conversation into an awkward silence.

Vanessa Bayer's Sound Advice has also featured Sleater-Kinney, Tegan and Sara and St. Vincent, among others. Check out the full video above.

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