Viet Cong just released their self-titled debut yesterday (Jan. 20), but ahead of that, they premiered a Joy Division-meets-‘Werewolves In London’ single called ‘Silhouettes.’ Now, the band has unveiled a video to go along with the track, and it lives up to all of its dark eeriness. The clip follows a spaceman as he explores an abandoned house where something wicked seems to lie beneath the surface. Check it out above.

If the whole thing feels a little like ‘Poltergeist,’ that’s because director Brook Linder was actually inspired by haunted house movies from that era.

“’Silhouettes’ came from blending iconography from old haunted house films and late ’70s, early ’80s sci-fi: So, pluck an astronaut from a spacewalk and set him in the ‘House on Haunted Hill,’” he explained (via Stereogum). “The fun comes with playing those types off of each other, like mashing an old DOS-like computer interface up against the organic-looking galactic explosions.”