If you like to cook and you're a regular Diffuser visitor, you almost definitely enjoy listening to music while cooking. And with all of those dishes to do and cleanup afterwards, who has time to shop for new vinyl? Well, there's a website that will take care of a lot of the legwork for you.

Each month, Turntable Kitchen's pairings box subscription service will send you a limited edition 7" vinyl, digital mixtape, three seasonal recipes, one or two premium ingredients for those recipes and some tasting notes from the chef. The service, which was conceptualized by a couple in an apartment in San Francisco, is meant to "introduce food lovers to music and vice versa."

Some of the bands that have been featured in the series include Motel Beds, Basecamp, IYes, Cathedrals and Local Natives. You can watch a promo video for the pairings box below: