A 15-year-old Britpop song provides the music for a 2012 London Olympic Games commercial sponsored by Visa that features the world's fastest man, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

'Hundred Mile High City,' a 1997 track by Ocean Colour Scene, is the song that gets resurrected in the quirky ad, which shows Bolt and a fellow passenger arriving at baggage claim and discovering that both of their bags are missing.

For reasons unexplained, they begin racing through the airport and then through the streets of London. The bearded "Regular Joe" obviously can't keep up with the reigning Olympic gold medalist on foot, so he cheats by hopping into a cab, a boat and a bicycle along the way.

Bolt is so fast that he even has enough time to stop and purchase running attire with his Visa card on the way to the Olympic stadium, where he lines up for his big race, only to discover that the strange man is the official.

'Hundred Mile High City' also was used in the 1998 computer game 'Three Lions' and was the theme to the 1998 Guy Ritchie film, 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.' The track appeared on their 'Marchin' Already' album. Ocean Colour Scene are still performing and last released 2010's 'Saturday.'

Watch Ocean Colour Scene's 'Hundred Mile High City' in the Visa 2012 Olympic Games Commercial