A new commercial for Volvo Service 2.0 features hip-hop music performed 80 years ago by a "Chinese Man" from France. Confused yet?

The song featured in the spot is 'I've Got That Tune,' and its creator is Chinese Man, a hip-hop act that actually hails from France. The track incorporates modern sounds like scratching and voices laughing over a sped-up sample of the 1930s pop song 'Hummin' to Myself,' which appears to have been recorded initially by Washboard Rhythm Kings.

Volvo 2.0 is a service created by the carmaker to offer buyers additional protections like roadside assistance and free software updates. The clip exaggerates Volvo's level of service to a humorous degree by depicting a group of workers who cater to a Volvo owner by literally rolling out a red carpet, straightening his collar, moving a table so he doesn't have to walk around it and driving his car right to the front door of his hotel. The promo was created by the Paris music and advertising team Creaminal.

'I've Got That Tune' was featured on Chinese Man's album 'The Groove Sessions,' a collection of the act's best recordings from 2004 to 2007.

Hear Chinese Man's 'I've Got That Tune' in the Volvo Service 2.0 Commercial

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