Considering the War on Drugs' epic 'Under the Pressure' clocks in at just under nine minutes, the band's new video for the song is more like a short film.

Helmed by British director Houmam Abdallah, the video depicts each member of the Philadelphia indie outfit playing his respective instrument alone in different locations while cutting away to more experimental, light-bending footage.

It's just about the complete opposite of the last video the War on Drugs released for 'Red Eyes' (below) which was voted No. 6 in last week's Top 10 Video Countdown. Both songs come from the band's third full-length LP, 'Lost in the Dream,' released last March.

The War on Drugs are currently in the middle of a North American tour through mid-October. Get the details on when and where you can see them here.

The War on Drugs' Official Music Video for 'Red Eyes'