For a guy with such a gentle name, Metta World Peace sure has an angry streak. The Los Angeles Lakers forward, recently suspended for seven games for delivering an elbow to an opponent, got tough with Wavves singer Nathan Williams at last fall's MTV Video Music Awards.

"Metta World Peace tried to get me kicked out of the VMAs for smoking a blunt," Williams said. "He was like, 'Put it out, now.'" Williams made the comments to Spin at a Lakers game, which he attended with Wavves bassist Stephen Pope and girlfriend Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.

Williams, a Laker fan, attended the game where the basketball player was ejected for his errant elbow. The Wavves frontman ended his beef with World Peace after the ejection, which put the Lakers' fate in jeopardy. "I forgive him. Just now," Williams said. "This sucks, we might lose."

Williams was amused that he didn't get in trouble at the VMAs, but Pope got kicked out. The singer told Stereogum, "The funny thing is, Stephen got kicked out for having a blunt wrapper but I had weed on me the whole time and they just didn’t find it. I had, like, 15 joints and a Geto Boys cassette tape. They asked me to empty my pockets and I just didn’t pull anything out."

Wavves are working on the follow-up to their last full-length album, 2010's 'King of the Beach.' The group released the EP 'Life Sux' last fall.