As Weekend guitarist Kevin Johnson told Diffuser earlier this year, making a record is a "mysterious, scary endeavor," and the same can be said for listening to 'Jinx,' the trio's tremendous sophomore effort. The band made the album just after singer Shaun Durkan suffered a mental breakdown and shortly before they decided to leave their hometown of San Francisco and relocate to Brooklyn, and perhaps for those reasons, there's a real emotional intensity behind the group's swooning, New Wave-y noise-rock anthems.

That spirit carries over to the video for 'Rosaries,' which premiered earlier today on Death + Taxes. Shot by Durkan and Johnson, the clip centers on a down-and-out Brooklynite who watches old family moves on a busted phone before wandering around his neighborhood and getting chucked out of bars. His travels ultimately take him to the gutter, where he collapses in a drunken heap, but not before the bird-eye-view cam captures him trying to drown his sorrows at the BK gentleman's establishment Pumps.

The video hits as Weekend wind their way through Europe with Deafheaven, and come January, they launch a short U.S. tour with Nothing. Click here for a list of dates.