With Weezer's ninth album 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End' coming out soon, the band's frontman, Rivers Cuomo, recently told Entertainment Weekly that the four-year wait since the last album was necessary and intended.

"I knew I wanted to make a great album, and I knew it would take a long time," he told the magazine. "I sequestered myself in my studio and just let it come in layers ... I just felt this great calling to do something big and thoughtful, and for whatever reason, I can't do that in a few months."

He also discussed some of the themes running through the album, which is due on Sept. 30. Primarily, the record is about Cuomo's relationships with people in general, women specifically and his role models, or "father figures," as he calls them.

The upcoming album is produced by the Cars' Ric Ocasek, who was behind the boards for two of Weezer's best albums, 1994's self-titled debut (also known as the Blue Album) and 2001's self-titled comeback record (also known as the Green Album).

Cuomo also told Entertainment Weekly that the new song 'Eulogy for a Rock Band' is "about [Weezer's] place relative to the great rock bands that came before us, as they are retiring and moving on into oblivion."

You can watch the teaser video for the song below.