Where to begin with this video? There's so much going on in the four minutes of film here that it's hard to find a starting point.

A broomstick chase through the city leaves a bunch of wacky death and carnage in its wake. One witch steals some weird idol right out from under three witches who were worshiping it. Why? We have no idea, but it's a great setup for a great -- and very strange -- short film from French film director Jan Kounen.

These witches' broomsticks look way cooler than those sticks used in the Harry Potter movies. They've got engines, for goodness sake, although these engines do prove to be a weak spot for at least one of the pursuers. A quick ax-blow to an engine leads to a crash and some very badly skinned-up knees. When the last witch hijacks a wheelchair and pulls out a gun, you might wonder why the witch didn't use it to begin with. We wonder too.

The special effects, while perhaps a bit crude, are still visually stunning. Everything in this world twitches and jerks, adding a unique surrealism to the film. The effect of the witches flying on their broomsticks -- or in a stolen wheelchair -- is very convincing. And it would seem that Kounen accomplished all of this without the aid of digital tomfoolery. The lack of any sort of CGI or digital manipulation -- which wouldn't have been very good back then anyway -- makes all the flying and weirdness that much more effective.

Director Kounen later went on to do bigger things. He has written and directed a number of films. He also directed a handful of music videos for dance-pop legends Erasure, including the dreamy fairy-tale-combined-with-sci-fi video for 'Lay All Your Love on Me,' a cover of a song by Abba. Check it out below.