Why did the '60s have to end? We as a global community have made many leaps forward, socially speaking, since the age of hippies. But what wonders did we leave behind? Our modern world has many things it didn't have back in 1968. But apparently this technological wonderland in which we live is missing something that we assume was plentiful during the groovy '60s: magic pancakes. Now that we know about them, our lives will never seem fulfilled until we get to try them ourselves.

This video is a clip from the 1968 short film 'Winter of the Witch.' Apparently it is the story of an old crone of a witch whose home is intruded upon by a woman and her son. The witch, being unable to force them to leave, must learn to cope with her new guests.

One way she attempts to placate her new landlords is to fix them breakfast. She presents the young boy with blueberry pancakes. But these are not ordinary blueberry pancakes. The witch calls them "the final solution to the unhappiness problem." Whoa, those must be some fan-f---ing-tastic pancakes. And here we were trying to solve the unhappiness problem with booze. What fools we've been!

When the boy eats these berry-filled mystery cakes, his eyes gloss over like those of a tranquilized ape, and colored spots fill his vision. Needless to say, he becomes a fan instantly. The mom tries them and finds the same happy results. When pressed for the source of this joy, the witch insists that the magical ingredient must remain a secret -- probably so the mother and son don't learn how to mix the cleaning chemicals under the sink in the correct proportions themselves. Then she'd be out on the street, selling magic pancakes to a less savory crowd.

If you're up for it, here's the full movie: