One night in Los Angeles during the spring of 1992, a gaggle of proto-hipsters gathered at Raji's nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard to witness a performance by a band called Dogstar in hopes of catching a glimpse of their bassist – one Keanu Charles Reeves. Little did they realize it would be the openers that night – relative unknowns playing their first show ever – who would go on to redefine modern rock in the '90s.

That was Weezer and it's totally appropriate that they came into existence under such quirky pop-culture circumstances. Led by geek poet laureate Rivers Cuomo, the band ascended into the mainstream on the strength of their self-titled 1994 debut (one of three self-titled albums in the band's career so far). Standing in stark contrast to the naval gazers of grunge, Weezer combined self-deprecating wit and sunny melodies with '70s arena rock to create a sound unmistakably their own. Although the perfectionist Cuomo repeatedly stepped away from the band during the ensuing decade and often catered to cultural fads in an effort to remain relevant, Weezer's underlying talent and fearless choices have kept them consistently at the top of the rock world.

We've ranked all of Weezer's studio albums below. And while the worsts could sometimes be pretty painful for longtime fans to hear, remember: Weezer don't care what we say about them anyway. They don't care about that.

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