New York City's Action Bronson is about as unique of a rap icon as it gets. Not only is he a fairly large white guy, but he sports a thick, luscious beard and is known for many things other than his catchy tracks. Oh, and he's a chef!

And on top of all of that, his ridiculous stage antics have certainly gained him plenty attention. From eating weed to handing out tons of free stuff -- to even rapping while using the bathroom -- he never fails to make his shows a bit of a spectacle. In celebration of his hilariously crazy stage shenanigans, we've compiled a list of 13 videos of some of these recorded incidents to date.

You're welcome.

  • Ottawa, 2011

    Bronson eats weed that a fan hands to him in the crowd during his Ottawa show in 2011.

  • Brooklyn, 2012

    Bronson distributes an entire bag of weed into the crowd at his show in Brooklyn.

  • Bonnaroo, 2013

    Action Bronson pulls up a computer chair and takes a seat during his performance to smoke a joint thrown to him from the crowd.

  • Indiana, 2013

    He puts a Bloomington fan in time out, making him sit in the corner for a few songs for throwing a lit cigarette at him.

  • North Carolina, 2014

    Bronson puts a fan in a "torture rack" and throws multiple kids off stage during his Chapel Hill show.

  • Ottawa, 2014

    Bronson steals a golf cart at Ottawa Blues Fest 2014.

  • Ottawa, 2014

    Bronson does not miss a beat while using a porta potty at Ottawa Blues Fest 2014.

  • Santa Ana, 2014

    Action Bronson throws a couple of flat screens, PS4s, an Xbox, five iPad Minis and a bag of cash into crowd at The Observatory.

  • Santa Ana, 2014

    Bronson throws a little person off stage, twice, during a gig in Santa Ana.

  • Portland, 2014

    Action Bronson smokes weed on stage during his Portland show which sparks a fight with a security guard ... and then the concert ended!

  • Toronto, 2014

    Bronson takes a break to eat a brisket sandwich on stage at Time Festival. Because brisket.

  • North Carolina, 2014

    Bronson delivers a fierce clothesline on a fan who jumps on stage during his performance. We'll never try this.

  • New York City, 2015

    And to round things out, Bronson launches another flatscreen into the crowd during his show at Terminal 5 on the west side of Manhattan.

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