Action Bronson has earned plenty of comparisons to Ghostface Killah for the uncanny similarities between their voices. When he was confronted with those comparisons during a recent appearance on SportsNation, Bronson said, “You’re gonna get comparisons to something, and I’m just glad it’s one of the greats.” It was a compliment that was quickly followed by an off-hand diss when the rapper added, “He’s not rapping like this no more.”

Of course, Bronson’s words didn’t sit well with Ghostface, who just released Twelve Reasons to Die II. Now, he’s responded with an intense six-and-a-half-minute takedown on YouTube (see above). In the background, Teddy Pendergrass’ “Be for Real” can be heard, which is essentially Ghostface’s request of Bronson.

“You’ve got this fake-ass n----, Action Bronson, running around sounding like me,” the Wu-Tang Clan rapper says in the video. “But I want to tell his little fat f--- self, I gave you a grace period. I was supposed to destroy you a long time ago. You go on SportsNation, kicking that s---, acting like you the n----- and like where I’m at first of all. You little fat f---, who gives you the right to even mention my name out your mouth?”

Ghostface adds, “This is why the f--- you look up to me and sound like me,” and later, “Your fans, those were my fans first.” He also takes some jabs at Bronson for his beard and not wearing shoes at his shows.

In the video, Ghostface also claims that he previously reached out to Bronson about the remarks, and the Mr. Wonderful rapper then tweeted a retraction before deleting it. However, today (July 20), Bronson has responded to Ghostface's video by tweeting an apology:

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