When he’s not rapping, Action Bronson is the host of his Viceland food show, F---, That’s Delicious, and last night (April 11), he appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to grill up some octopus.

The segment is heavy on the drinking, moderate on the actual cooking and very light on any talk of new music from Bronson. Still, between all of his one-liners (see: “It is the bagel of the sea”), the rapper truly makes viewers at home feel as though they, too, can go one minute from cutting off an octopus’ head to eating it the next. Check out the hilarious clip at the top of the page.

Bronson did manage to quickly promote his Blue Chips 7000 mixtape, which is expected soon. He dropped its predecessor, Blue Chips 2, last year and his full-length, Mr. Wonderful, several months before that.

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