As if we didn't have enough issues with our parents -- now we're pissed at our dads for not being kick-ass animators. Then we could have been action movie stars when we were little.

The son of DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto will never have this problem, though. This lucky three-year-old, known simply as Action Movie Kid, gets to live out every single explosion-filled fantasy his sugar-cereal-fueled mind can come up with.

Hashimoto has been uploading short video clips to his YouTube account for a while now, and he was cool enough to put some of the best into one video compilation. Watch in amazement as Action Movie Kid blasts walls and furniture to smithereens.

Look on with mouth agape as this terrifying tyke flies through the air and off into the clouds inside a McDonald's playhouse. And be thankful that lightsaber isn't actually real as Action Movie Kid carelessly swings it around, cutting into store shelving.

One of the highlights of this supercut is the scene where Action Movie Kid bounces from one piece of furniture to the next, avoiding the hot lava covering the floor. Somehow, this game has turned into a classic that almost every child plays.

But thanks to Action Movie Kid and his computer-whiz dad, we can see what this might look like if the floor really were covered in flaming-hot magma -- that is, magical flaming hot lava that somehow doesn't burn the furniture and everything else around it.

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