Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday is coming up next January, and the First Lady reportedly wants Adele and Beyonce to perform at the festivities. The British songstress has happily accepted the offer, a source tells the Daily Mail, and she's even agreed to play the highly anticipated show free of charge.

"America's First Lady will be holding a huge celebrity-packed party for her birthday at the White House next year and, as she adores Adele and Beyonce, she has asked them both to sing," the source said. "Adele has graciously accepted and waived her usual fee for the high-profile private performance. She will sing a selection of her most-loved hits for the First Lady and her friends.”

"The Obamas will pay Adele’s expenses as it’s a private party, not a State one," the source added.

It’s no surprise that Adele has been sought out for such an important gig. Last month, she took home an Oscar for Best Original Song for ‘Skyfall,’ the haunting tune she co-wrote with producer Paul Epworth for the latest James Bond flick. She also delivered a stunning performance at the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony, complete with a choir and orchestra.

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