While she still hasn't revealed the name of her son, who born in October, British singer Adele has reportedly trademarked her own moniker. She has done so in order to protect it, so that savvy marketers can't use her name to sell perfume, jewelry or other items without her consent. She doesn't want to be associated with products she doesn't endorse and doesn't want her fanbase "tricked" into thinking she is involved based on the usage of her name.

It's essentially a move to prevent a company from creating an item and then using her image and her fame to sell it. With a trademark in place, she can take legal action against anyone who attempts to use her name.

The Sun reports that an unnamed source shared the news of Adele's decision, saying, "She doesn't want anyone exploiting her name by using it on products which may trick punters into thinking she's involved with it."

This isn't a surprising decision, given Adele's fierce desire to avoid the trappings of stardom. She has said that she is a singer, not a pop star, and that she doesn't believe in showing off one's body in order to sell records. Clearly, she feels the same way about ancillary items like perfumes and clothing lines.

Many singers have business portfolios featuring products and endorsements. But Adele is too focused on, you know, singing and having the best-selling album in a decade in the form of '21' to worry about that stuff.