Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Adele has revealed that she will never go on a lengthy global tour because she doesn't think her voice is up to the challenge. The British singer, who is taking time off from performing as she gets ready to give birth to her first child, lost her ability to sing last year after a polyp found on her vocal cords forced her to cut short a tour.

The polyp was successfully removed, and she has regained her ability to sing, but doctors warn that any lengthy time on the road could cause further harm and possibly permanently damage her voice. "It is basically a clean slate in my throat [but] it doesn't mean it won't happen again," she tells Express. "If I decided to go on a 200-date tour, it will happen again through exhaustion."

"It starts from the minute I wake up," she adds, describing her fear of being unable to perform as a result of her ongoing vocal concerns. "My fear is that I am not going to deliver and people aren't going to enjoy it. I get panicky and sick, I have thrown up a few times."