We're still about a month away from the release of Alt-J's sophomore album, 'This is All Yours,' but it's apparently never too early for covers of songs from the record to surface.

California singer-songwriter Justine Dorsey has posted an acoustic version of the lead single 'Hunger of the Pine,' which was first unveiled in June. While the original version is an entirely electronic and atmospheric track, Dorsey's rendition (above) is a little brighter and crisper with particular emphasis on the Miley Cyrus "female rebel" sample featured in Alt-J's song.

This is far from the first cover Dorsey has shared: she's also posted her versions of the Arctic Monkeys' 'Do I Wanna Know?,' Mumford and Sons' 'Ghosts That We Knew' and the Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy,' among others.

Watch Alt-J's Official Music Video for 'Hunger of the Pine'