Whether you look to the sky or the streets, cryptic clues are popping up everywhere alluding to a new release from enigmatic British electronica artist Aphex Twin.

First, there were sightings during the weekend of a blimp hovering over London adorned with the Aphex Twin logo on one side and "2014" on the other. Then, New Yorkers started spotting the logo stenciled around musical landmarks in town -- including outside Radio City Music Hall and the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Here's some proof:

Initially, there had been no official connection between Aphex Twin -- otherwise known as Richard D. James -- and the mysterious clues, but that all changed earlier today (Aug. 18, which also happens to be James' birthday), when he tweeted a link to a strange website featuring scrambled computer coding and what appears to be a track-listing for a release called, 'Syro.'

Aside from 'Caustic Window' -- the previously unreleased 20-year-old album that made its way to fans via Kickstarter earlier this summer -- Aphex Twin hasn't released a new full-length since 2001's 'Drukqs.'

Aphex Twin's Official Music Video for 'Come to Daddy'

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