Ariel Pink tests out his dating game by playing a pickup artist in his latest video for 'Put Your Number In My Phone.' Check it out in the video above.

Dressed like some disco cowboy, Pink is strolling through a typical suburban mall with a friend who's hooked up to a breathing machine and in a wheelchair. While the two don't mean any harm and look pretty nice, Pink's eccentric outfit and his friend's Bane-like look with the oxygen apparatus don't seem to be hitting it off with the ladies.

"It's a story about friendship and the pursuit of happiness. Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo dream of life outside the sea of vacant storefronts and lonesome chattel on display in middle America," director Grant Singer explains about the video.

Although Pink and his friend are rejected by a number of women, they don't look deterred even as they leave the mall with no newly acquired digits in their phones.

Fans can hear 'Put Your Number in My Phone' on Pink's upcoming LP, 'pom pom,' set for release on Nov. 18 via 4AD. Get details on everything happening with Pink here.