It's been a long time coming, but At the Drive-In are back together and ready to rock their way through a reunion tour that will see them delving into their back catalog for audiences across the globe. If last night (April 9) was any indication, they have a lot of screaming fans waiting for them.

In a nod to its Texas roots, the band elected to kick off the tour with a show at Red 7, an Austin club that fits roughly 500 people. Needless to say, the place was packed -- the show sold out in just over 10 minutes -- and the band showed up ready to give people their money's worth. There's a reason ATDI were considered one of the best live acts during their heyday. Their 15-song set started with frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala (on break from the Mars Volta) saying "Tell them who we are" to guitarist Jim Ward. "We’re At The Drive-In. We're from El Paso, Texas," responded Ward, and away they went.

Although the band has ruled out the possibility of new material coming out of the reunion, they seem primed to hit the road and have fun on a series of dates that includes the Coachella, Reading and Leeds festivals. Take a look at the set list below, watch some shaky fan footage from the show, and try to contain your excitement:

At the Drive-In Set List: April 9, 2012
1. 'Arc Arsenal'
2. 'Pattern AgainstUSer'
3. 'Chanbara'
'4. Lopsided'
5. 'Sleepwalk Capsules'
6. 'Napoleon Solo'
7. 'Quarantined'
8. 'Rascuache'
9. '198d'
10. 'Enfilade'
11. 'Metronome Arthritis'
12. 'Pickpocket'
13. 'Non Zero Possibility'
14. 'One Armed Scissor'
15. 'Catacombs'

Watch a Clip From the At the Drive-In Reunion Show

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