Beach House recently announced they would soon drop Thank Your Lucky Stars, a follow-up to their most recent full-length, Depression Cherry -- which just arrived in August. Now, the band is streaming three cuts from the forthcoming album on their website.

Ahead of Depression Cherry’s release, Beach House launched a “Single Finder” feature on their website, which allows fans to pick three of their favorite songs from the dream-pop duo’s catalog, and then they're automatically paired with a song from the new album tailored to their tastes. The “Single Finder” is now fashioned with three new Thank Your Lucky Stars tracks. Try a variety of combinations, and you’ll be able to listen to “Majorette,” “She’s So Lovely” and “One Thing.”

Thank Your Lucky Stars is out this Friday, Oct. 16; it will be issued on CD on Oct. 30. That’s the album art and track list at the bottom of the page. At the time of the album’s announcement, the band promised it’s “not a companion to Depression Cherry or a surprise or B-sides” (even though it did in fact catch many fans by pleasant surprise).

In an official statement, the band said Thank Your Lucky Stars is "political," and as such, they wanted to skip the typical rollout:

'Thank Your Lucky Stars' is our sixth full length record. It was written after 'Depression Cherry' from July 2014 - November 2014 and recorded during the same session as 'Depression Cherry.' The songs came together very quickly and were driven by the lyrics and the narrative. In this way, the record feels very new for us, and a great departure from our last few records. Thematically, this record often feels political. It's hard to put it into words, but something about the record made us want to release it without the normal "campaign." We wanted it to simply enter the world and exist.

Beach House are currently on tour in the U.K. They’ll make their way to the U.S. for a string of shows in California in December (see a complete list right here). Before then, they’ll appear on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ on the day of Thank Your Lucky Stars’ arrival.

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Thank Your Lucky Stars Track List
1. "Majorette"
2. "She's So Lovely"
3. "All Your Yeahs"
4. "One Thing"
5. "Common Girl"
6. "The Traveller"
7. "Elegy to the Void"
8. "Rough Song"
9. "Somewhere Tonight"