We gave away some great songs over the past month -- everything from moody synth-pop tunes to face-melting garage rock to old-fashioned singer-songwriter fare. And we're making it easy for you to download the best of the December MP3s with a list of our 10 favorite freebies. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking and fill up your playlists.

  • Churches, 'Lovelife'

    Listen closely to Churches' big-sounding anthem 'Lovelife' and you'll hear a song about gay marriage ("I love my dearest friend / I'm going to marry him," sings frontman Caleb Nichols). Or you could just lose yourself in the Coldplay-style grandeur of it all.

  • The Crash Bandits, 'Whatever'

    The Crash Bandits' 'Whatever' barely clocks in at two minutes, and they use almost every second to make snotty declarations, like the one that fills up the chorus: "You just don't get it." It's in-and-out-of-there punk with loads of fuzzy guitars.

  • The Dead Ships, 'You Were Young'

    The folksy undercurrent of the Dead Ships' 'You Were Young' recalls an ages-old tradition that stretches all the way to Mumford & Sons. But the ringing guitars and rolling drums nod to the brainier side of indie rock from the late '80s.

  • El Sportivo & the Blooz, ‘Waking World’

    These Brooklyn-based, and somewhat bluesy, indie rockers are all set to release their debut album, 'Nights & Weekends,' in late February. To get you all set for it, give a listen to 'Waking World,' a simmering ballad that still hits pretty hard.

  • Evil Eyes, 'Half a Heart'

    You may not be able to tell that Evil Eyes' 'Half a Heart' is breakup song, since the San Francisco group buries its vocals under a ton of psych-rock sludge. But trust us, that's what it's about. And yeah, we totally dig that psych-rock sludge.

  • Hello Ocho, 'Sticking to the Sheets'

    This Atlanta trio bounces a little like Yo La Tengo, howls like the Black Keys and skitters like LCD Soundsystem on the single 'Sticking to the Sheets.' Hopefully, Hello Ocho will wrangle all those sounds on their debut album, which is due sometime early next year.

  • Neighborhood Kids, 'Heartbreakers'

    These New Yorkers don't even bother to hide their pop aspirations on the hook-stuffed 'Heartbreakers.' And we totally love them for it. Buzzing synths, boy-girl push-pull and super-clean production add up to one of the best songs we've offered this year.

  • The Still Sound, 'Falling'

    The Still Sound's Alex Arthur loads up on the Hammond B3 for this throwback rocker, which recalls classic singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Arthur also injects 'Falling' with a pretty massive hook, which drives its entire three minutes.

  • Touche, 'Wild Horses'

    Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore spend a good chunk of their time backing Thurston Moore and Nicke Lowe onstage. But they also find time to front the moody duo Touché. Their cover of '80s indie poppers Prefab Sprout's 'Wild Horses' is a quiet little gem.

  • WALL, 'Something on Your Mind'

    The sparse production and haunting vocals from U.K. singer WALL fuel this gorgeous and atmospheric cover of '60s cult singer-songwriter Karen Dalton's 'Something on Your Mind.' Wisely, WALL doesn't clutter the tune with a busy arrangement.