Blur’s new album, The Magic Whip -- their first in more than a decade -- features cover art depicting a neon-lit ice cream cone as well as a song called, “Ice Cream Man.” And as the press circuit for their comeback album marches on, the Britpop outfit’s penchant for all things dairy follows them pretty much everywhere they go.

Case in point: Blur have created their very own brand of ice cream dubbed -- you guessed it -- The Magic Whip. The English rockers teamed up with the London-based ice cream manufacturer the Licktators to create the “dairy vanilla custard ice cream rippled with raspberry sauce.”

The ice cream (which can be seen in the photo above) will only be available at Blur's concerts and select stores in the U.K. Those who can get their hands on it will receive a complimentary download of “Y’all Doomed,” a song recorded during Blur’s sessions for The Magic Whip. Nevertheless, the track appears to have surfaced online. Take a listen below:

Previously, Blur’s “Ice Cream Man” made a cameo in the band’s music video for album single, “Ong Ong.” Likewise, Damon Albarn and company employed their trusty The Magic Whip ice cream truck to sell the time-tested combination of dessert and vinyl this past Record Store Day.

Ice cream isn’t the only marketing tactic Blur have enlisted for their latest album. The band recently started selling a Magic Whip-inspired comic book following the foursome’s adventures in a futuristic Hong Kong.

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