It took a few years, and some bumps along the way, but it sounds like Bob Mould is finally back. After spending the better part of a decade experimenting with noise and playing DJ, the Husker Du legend made something close to a triumphant return on 2012's 'Silver Age.'

And from the sound of things so far, his upcoming record, 'Beauty & Ruin,' is right on track with some of Mould's best work (that would be his Husker Du run, first solo album and Sugar, if you're keeping score).

'I Don't Know You Anymore,' the latest song from 'Beauty & Ruin,' which comes out on June 3, is a guitar-fueled slice of power pop straight from Mould's peak years. You can listen to it here.

Once again, Mould has built a trio around his music (what is it with him and three-piece bands? You know, who cares? It works ... ), this time consisting of his longtime backing group of bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster.

They have some live shows hooked up before and after the album's release, including dates at the Sasquatch Music Festival and a DJ set.

Here's 'Beauty & Ruin''s more raging first cut, 'Hey Mr. Grey.'