Here's the 'Star Machine' video set-up: It's the first annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day for Bob Mould and his backing band, and Mould and bassist-singer Jason Narducy both show up with cute little rugrats in tow. But drummer Jon Wurster arrives with a jug of Bloody Mary mix, a bad perm and a tear in his eye. Jon says his wife Karen kicked him out the previous night, and that his little Josh won't be joining the festivities. Still, he insists kids day goes on as planned.

What ensues is what we'd call hilarity, but to find exactly how things play out, you'll have to watch the video on your own. 'Star Machine' is a dollop of muscular power pop off Mould's excellent 2012 solo album 'Silver Age,' which he'll continue to promote in select cities in North America and Australia this winter and spring. Check out his schedule here.