Between the breakup of the hardcore-pioneering trio Husker Du and the recent release of the new solo album, 'Beauty and Ruin' (and a handful of other solo albums), Bob Mould had a little rock outfit named Sugar. They recorded some very solid music during the '90s and gained a loyal, if not meager, following before disbanding in 1995.

Mould talked about his ideas on music during an interview to promote the Sugar album 'File Under Easy Listening.' He showed a passion for songwriting and performing during the interview, constantly referring to "the craft," which he said he takes seriously. He said, "If you're going to try engage a very large audience and a fair amount of their time and money, and whatever emotional involvement in your work, you better be doing something of quality."

Mould sings the praises of legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb while throwing a little shade at Green Day and Stone Temple Pilots and " ... whoever it is that everybody seems to like right now."

"They've only been at it a couple of years," he said. "Let's see what happens 10 years from now." And to his credit, while both of those bands are still together, it can be (easily, some might say) argued that the quality of music of both bands has fallen off as of late.

Sugar released two full-length studio albums, 'Copper Blue' and 'File Under Easy Listening,' along with an EP, a B-sides collection and a live album. If you're not familiar, do yourself a favor and check out the video for 'Gee Angel' below.

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