Congrats to Bridges and Powerlines, who have won's latest Crucial Cut of the Month contest. Nearly 39 percent of voters deemed the Brooklyn band's 'Bushwick' the best free MP3 we gave away in May 2013, and while it's possible they were responding to the music -- the "guitar angularity and the pounding drums," as singer Andrew Wood describes it -- we're thinking the hopeful message is what really resonated.

"Don't cry / We might see tomorrow if we try / We might be the ones who never die," Wood sings on the chorus, very much setting the tone for Bridges and Powerlines' new mini-LP, 'Better.'

“Our new record is about getting over a bad year, and ‘Bushwick’ is the centerpiece of that theme,” Woods told “It’s optimistic but jittery, like when the second cup of coffee hits after a night of slightly overindulged fun.”

Check back soon for a Q&A feature on Bridges and Powerlines -- we want to hear more about this "slightly overindulged fun," among other things -- and be sure to vote for the Crucial Cut of June 2013.