Chvrches have been essentially living on the road for the past two years. And with what seemed to be a never-ending touring schedule, it made us wonder when they were going to drop the follow-up to their album, 'The Bones of What You Believe.'

But it looks like their time on the road is finally coming to a close and they will be heading back into the studio at the top of 2015 as they cheekily announced on the band's Facebook page yesterday (Dec. 1):

While we're ecstatic that Chrvches will be writing new material, it might take longer than expected since they told NME that working on the new album could range between two months and two years.

They also talked about building their own studio for the new LP as well as working on the record (production and all) solely on their own. "Eventually, we'll want to get other producers," keyboardist Iain Cook said in an interview. "But we'll do the next album ourselves again. We'd drive a producer crazy, as we're control freaks who've got the skills to do it ourselves. We don't see the point."

The Glasgow trio also showed us their best Seal impressions with a cover of his track, 'Crazy.' Watch it below: