Back in April, Linkin Park co-frontman Mike Shinoda criticized a few new artists currently getting radio airplay, including Scottish synth-pop group Chvrches.

“There’s so much stuff that sounds like Haim or Chvrches or Vampire Weekend, that I’m full,” he said. "The thing I’m hungry for is not that. I turn on the rock station in L.A., and it sounds like Disney commercial music.”

Chvrches have now fired back, with member Iain Cook calling Shinoda’s comments “a pointless dig.” The Glaswegian trio’s Martin Doherty added that they try to tune out that sorta noise. “We’ve developed a near super-human ability to ignore any outside comments, be it good or bad,” he said in a video interview at France’s OpenAir St. Gallen festival

Despite that assertion, his bandmate, singer Lauren Mayberry, used the interview -- which you can watch above -- to make a few of her own digs at Shinoda, suggesting that the rapper was trying to leverage popular names in music to draw attention to his own.

When Shinoda made the comment, Linkin Park were prepping their new album, which came out last month. Mayberry said it was “no coincidence that he’s got a record to sell and he mentions several bands everyone is writing about.”

She went on to point out the fact that Shinoda himself is part of a band that dominated MTV and radio in the early '00s, saying she “doesn’t like being called a corporate sellout by the man who wrote the theme music for the MTV VMAs.” Ouch.

Here's some Chvrches to get you ready for the next round: