Chvrches are no strangers to cover songs. Over the past 12 months, they've put their distinctive stamp on tracks by Whitney Houston, Arctic Monkeys and Haim. On their recent visit to BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge,' the Scottish trio took on Lorde's 'Team.'

"We were recently on tour in Australia, like a festival tour," the group's Martin Doherty told BBC. "[Lorde] was one of the artists on the bill. That's when it really got stuck in my head. I think she really won me over then, and her live show is incredible."

Unlike Bruce Springsteen's recent stripped-down cover of another Lorde favorite, Chvrches speed up the rhythm of 'Team,' which actually adds a bit more bounce to the hit song. But Lauren Mayberry's soft vocals add a sweetness to what's a typically dark Lorde cut. You can check it out above.

Well aware that they have been on a cover kick lately, the trio's Iain Cook admitted to the BBC that it's something fun for them to work on besides their own music.

"We can put our own stamp on it, and we can interpret it in our own way," he said. "It always kind of feels like playing, you know. You're taking someone else's stuff, taking it apart and putting it together again. We always have a lot of fun doing it. We've done a lot this year, so this might be the actual last one."

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