It's not like Coldplay need all that much in the promotion department to get people interested in their new album. But that's not stopping the band from booking an hour-long TV special to air on NBC before the album comes out.

The show, ‘Coldplay: Ghost Stories,' will air at 7PM EST on May 18, the day before the album, also titled 'Ghost Stories,' comes out. The show was filmed in Los Angeles in front of 800 fans.

And unlike most other TV concerts, this one combines live-performance footage with fancy film techniques that will bring viewers right into the audience. Or so they say.

In addition to pimping the hell out of their new album, the band's sixth, Coldplay will play older favorites like 'Clocks' and 'Viva La Vida' during the program.

Frontman Chris Martin is becoming a familiar face on TV lately. Earlier this year, he appeared on 'The Voice.' There's no word on whether he plans on performing any of the tricks he does in the band's latest Fellinesque video 'Magic.' But that would be awesome.