Back in February, a YouTube user under the name Nirvana Ananyma uploaded “Flaccid Bone,” what the poster claimed to be a previously unreleased Nirvana track hacked from the late Kurt Cobain’s former wife Courtney Love’s computer. Now, Love – who denied the song’s authenticity – is taking legal action against the YouTube user.

When Nirvana Ananyma posted the song, the user wrote, “She said this came from the early 90’s recording sessions. Supposedly Kurt hated it, and canned it. I mean no disrespect to Kurt, but this is coming out eventually. He hated several of his songs anyway!”

According to TMZ, Love confirmed with an ex-Nirvana bandmate (whether that’s Dave Grohl or Krist Novoselic is not clear) that the track is a fake. What’s more, Love said she never had the song in her possession to begin with.

Love, who has partial rights to Cobain’s music, is working with police to find the poster in order to issue a lawsuit against him or her. Take a listen to the fake Nirvana song in the video above.

It’s hardly the first time fans have grasped at the memory of Cobain. That reverence has manifested itself in the more traditional, above-the-board Montage of Heck documentary directed by Brett Morgen, who was given permission to dig deep into the musician’s archives (the doc will land on HBO on May 4). More recently, Cobain’s childhood home was auctioned off as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history.” More strange and disconcerting items included an auction for Cobain’s credit card and t-shirts bearing the singer’s suicide note.

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