Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has teamed up with bluesman Robert Finley to compose and record the soundtrack for the upcoming graphic novel series Murder Ballads. They have now released the first song from the project, "Bang Bang," which you can listen to the song above.

The series, which was originally slated for release last year, is a "rock ‘n’ roll noir story about the music industry and redemption,” according to Z2 Comics. It follows Nate Theodore, a record label owner trying to escape his troubles, who runs into a pair of musicians who play “a raucous brand of doom-laden country blues.”

Comics writer and music journalist Gabe Soria, a friend of Auerbach's, is behind the series, which will be illustrated by Paul Reinwand. Auerbach said that while he's never been particularly interested in comics, he connected with Soria's story on the Mississippi blues front.

Auerbach and Finley also recorded a cover of Leadbelly's "In the Pines" for the soundtrack, which will also feature collaborations with other musicians, including Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs and the Gories.

A limited edition (only 500 copies) of 10-inch vinyl of the Murder Ballads Soundtrack is now available for pre-order at Mondo. A digital download of the album will be available with every purchase of the graphic novel.

"I can’t personally listen to music that has lyrics and read at the same time," he said, according to Pitchfork. "That’s like doing two yo-yos at once. Absolute insanity. So I know how I’m gonna enjoy it: I’ll do them separately, but they’ll be connected in my mind."

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